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We are Italians, we love the land, the sea, the mountains, the food, the wine, the art, the mother, the family and everything that makes us feel good.

We are a curious, intelligent, romantic and resourceful people. Everything you find here follows this principle. We thought that our mission is to make you feel good wherever you go. Relax ... taste ... ask for product explanations if you like it, here nothing is trivial and everything has a story. Let yourself be led into a food and wine experience selected by us, because there are many good things around here. Sorry if we make you wait a few more minutes, we prepare everything carefully at the moment and if something should not be to your liking tell us, we will treasure. Love what you do, happy to be here and live your time well ....

The Roman Pinsa

The modern Roman pinsa is a reinterpretation of an ancient recipe that dates back to the time of ancient Rome. From the typical elongated shape from which the name Pinsa derives (pinsere = lengthen), it is highly digestible thanks to a dough derived from a long process, a maturation of at least 48 up to 72 hours, and the use of a mixture of flours combined with a very small dose of EVO oil. The dough is composed of flours of: Wheat, an ancient cereal that makes leavening and the formation of a soft and elastic dough possible. Soy, essential to make the dough crumbly. Rice, retains water during cooking and is highly digestible. The dough is thus low in animal fats and thanks to the high water content, 75 percent, the total calories are lower than in traditional processes.

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